Patras Lighthouse

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Initially, the lighthouse of Patras in 1858 on the pier and ending of the Agios Nikolaos Street was made of wood. However, due to the perishability of the wood, it was soon destroyed and replaced in 1878 with stone. The lighthouse, apart from being a jewel of the city, also had practical function as a signal and later as a breakwater. The "ritual" that took place every time a foreigner entered the port is extremely interesting. So, when a non-local boat approached the port, a sailor undertook to place the ship's national flag at the lighthouse. An orchestra then greeted the ship with the country's national anthem.

Adornment and symbol of Patras the lighthouse (4-5 square meters) and its cafe gathered a lot of people and together with Agios Nikolaos and the pier, was the daily walk for the inhabitants of Patras. Concerts were held in the area around the lighthouse and most of the famous singers of the time had sung there.

To the grief of the inhabitants, however, in 1972 the lighthouse was demolished during the dictatorship in the name of "modernism" of the cities. Thus, an integral and picturesque part of the urban landscape disappeared.

After several years, in 1999 the port authorities rebuilt the lighthouse in memory of the old monument in a different location, close to the Saint Andrew’s Cathedral Church. The new lighthouse is a copy of the old one, while even the construction materials from the "ghost" of the old lighthouse were used for its construction.

The lighthouse is 13m high, is cylindrical and stone made in the shape of a tower with a decorative lamp. However, it has no functional use. Today, it is as a cafe-restaurant and still constitutes a beautiful sight of the city.

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  • Location: Patra
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